Managed Share Portfolios

Bellmont manages Australian share portfolios for Individuals, Self Managed Super Funds and Financial Intermediaries. Our unique approach draws heavily on academic research to create conservative, systematic strategies designed to outperform the market over the long term, while actively minimising risk. Our tax aware strategies and efficient holding structure ensure our investors keep more of every dollar they earn. And, our managed accounts platform takes care of all administration and reporting, as well as providing investors with full transparency of their investments.

Bellmont offers a unique approach to portfolio management, that is:


Systematic strategies based on decades of academic research.
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Tax-effective structure, combined with a tax aware strategy.
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Full transparency, with no paperwork.
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  • Markets are generally efficient, but decades of academic research have identified pockets of inefficiency, that allow disciplined investors to outperform the market over the long run, without taking on excessive risk. It is these pockets of inefficiency that we target.
  • These inefficiencies are caused by ‘behavioural biases’ – the human tendency for both professional and amateur investors to consistently make imperfect investment decisions in certain circumstances.
  • By employing an entirely systematic approach, we ensure that we don’t suffer from these biases ourselves, and are instead able to precisely position our portfolios to profit from the opportunities that these inefficiencies create.


  • By combining flexible, tax-effective ownership structures with tax-aware strategies, we focus on maximising not only headline results, but also the net result to our investors.
  • Offering our portfolios through ‘managed account’ ownership structures, provides a far more tax-effective solution than traditional unitised managed funds. Whilst managed fund investors can be adversely impacted by the behaviour of other unit holders*, ‘managed account’ structures enable us to manage, and optimise each investor’s tax position independently, providing significant savings over the long term.
  • Our systematic portfolio strategies involve turnover that is on average, 80% lower than that of the average actively managed Australian Equity fund 2 – thus minimising both transaction costs and capital gains tax. Further, by adopting an annual rebalance interval for our portfolios, we take full advantage of Australia’s generous CGT concessions, further reducing the tax payable by our investors.

* For example, a redemption request by another unrelated investor may force the fund manager to sell down a portion of the funds holdings, thus triggering capital gains that are then passed on to other unit holders. As a result, the investor may often be faced with a Capital Gains Tax liability, even without having realised a capital gain themselves.
2 Bellmont Core Equities Portfolio average turnover of 13% pa vs average for actively managed Australian Equities funds of 75% pa (Source: Towers Watson “After Tax Investing in Australian Shares” January 2011)

Transparent and Convenient

  • Our investors enjoy full transparency of both their holdings and transactions. Through online reporting portals, investors can generate a wide range of real time reports, including holdings, transactions, performance, income, fees and even audited tax statements.
  • All administration, reporting and paperwork is managed on behalf of investors by our administration partners. This frees investors completely from the tedious and time consuming administrative tasks and mountains of share registry correspondence typically associated with a direct equities account.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is built upon four pillars:

Research Driven

Whilst markets are generally efficient, decades of academic research have identified pockets of inefficiency, that provide opportunities for disciplined investors to earn superior returns, without taking on excessive risk. It is these pockets of inefficiency that we target.


Rather than relying on the subjective judgements of individual portfolio managers, we employ entirely systematic strategies that allow us to avoid the common behavioural biases that most investors suffer from – and which in many cases create the very inefficiencies we seek to exploit.


Unlike traditional fund managers, we believe investors have the right to see how their money is invested. By holding individual shares, rather than units in a trust, our investors enjoy complete transparency in regards to holdings, transactions, performance and fees.

Tax Effective

Net Returns after fees and taxes are what really matter. By considering the tax implications of everything we do – from holding structure to strategy, we ensure that we maximise not only headline results, but also the net result to our investors.

Our Portfolios

Bellmont offers investors a choice of two Australian share portfolios. Both investments hold the same underlying portfolio of shares with the Buy-Write adding an index options overlay to smooth returns and provide far lower volatility and downside risk. Moving between each portfolio is frictionless and virtually cost-free, allowing investors and advisers to easily shift between the two.

Core Equities Portfolio

Direct Market Exposure

The Bellmont Core Equities Portfolio is a diversified, blue-chip equities portfolio, giving investors direct exposure to the earnings growth, dividends and franking credits of around 30 of Australia’s biggest companies. Read more

Australian Shares

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Buy-Write Portfolio

Smoother returns & downside protection

The Bellmont Buy-Write Portfolio uses the Bellmont Core Equity Portfolio as a base and adds a Buy-Write overlay which generates equity-like returns, but with far lower volatility and downside risk. Read more

Options Overlay
Australian Shares

Watch a webinar overview of the Bellmont Buy-Write Portfolio below

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Compare Our Portfolios

Core Equities Portfolio

Buy-Write Portfolio

Professionally Managed by Bellmont    
 Share Portfolio holding 30 of Australia’s largest listed Companies    
 Smoother Investment Returns & Protection in falling markets    
 Potential to outperform in a bull market    
 Beneficial Ownership of Holdings    
 Complete Transparency    
 EOFY Taxation & Performance Reporting    
 Audited Reporting    
 24 Hour Online Access    
 Ongoing Paperwork Managed by Bellmont (eg: Corporate Actions & Dividends etc)    
Minimum Account Size  $50,000 AUD  $25,000 AUD
 Telephone Access to the Portfolio Managers    

Seamlessly Switching Between Portfolios

Bellmont Managed Accounts allow the investor to seamlessly switch between investing in the Core Equities and Buy-Write portfolios without incurring the burden of establishing a new portfolio and enjoying virtually zero transaction costs.

Why would you want to switch?

Whilst both portfolios are designed to outperform over a full market cycle they tend to perform differently during individual periods.

Given that both portfolios have the same underlying shares (with the difference being the options overlay) investors can seamlessly switch between portfolios to protect themselves from an anticipated falling market by moving to the Buy-Write, or expose themselves to more upside by moving into the Core Equities portfolio. Switching is virtually cost free and since the portfolio of shares does not change, there are small – if any – tax consequences*.

* There may be a very small sale (0%-5%) of shares when moving to the Buy-Write as it holds a small cash buffer.

Core Equities Portfolio

25-30 Australian Shares

Buy-Write Portfolio

Options Overlay
25-30 Australian Shares


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Benefits of A Bellmont Managed Portfolio

  • Professionally Managed Share Portfolio
  • Assets held by a custodian in investors name
  • Complete transparency of investments and transactions
  • Online portal provides up to date access to investments
  • Audited portfolio reporting (including tax)
  • Effective tax management (customised to each investor)
  • Portability – Move shares in and out of the managed portfolio without incurring costs or a tax event
  • No administration burden