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ACME Wealth is an imaginary Australian independent advisory firm we created to help showcase some of the material we offer to our Asset Consulting clients. Whilst we always build a service to cater to your unique needs and objectives we've found there are some things that are requested over and over again. Rather than show you a sample of the material that we have produced for actual clients we use 'ACME Wealth' to represent a sample brand which is of course replaced with your company logo and colours. For those of you curious and born in the right era, the name ACME Wealth was inspired by the fictional Disney company from the Road Runner cartoons!



This video is a sample Quarterly Portfolio and Market Update, filmed in our Sydney studio. It is intended to be both informative and educational, helping to keep clients and advisors up to date about market conditions and portfolio performance, as well as providing a counterbalance to the sensationalist media reporting that most will be regularly exposed to. If you would like one of your advisers to feature in these videos, we would be happy to accomodate. 

Sample Investment Model Overview

At the commencement of your investment service we will put together for you a set of introductory videos, explaining the objectives and structure of each of your portfolio models. These may be sent to your clients as part of the on-boarding process, to give them a brief overview of the model that they will be invested in. This video is designed to be accompanied by the more detailed “How we manage your investments” video, shown below.

How We Manage Your Investments

This is a longer video, that provides a more detailed introduction to your portfolio service. The overall objective of this video is to answer a client’s questions about the portfolio service before they ask it. Particular focus is placed on the direct share portfolio, as this is an area that many clients may have had limited exposure to in the past. This video will be tailored to your particular business, and the investment solution that we implement for you.

Sample Governance Documents

Below you will find a selection of sample documents that we will create and maintain as part of our Asset Consulting Service. 

Sample Portfolio Construction and Selection

Sample Committee Charter

Investment Policy and Philosophy

Sample Research and Selection Process

Sample Quarterly Portfolio Report

Sample Quarterly Report