Revolutionising IFA Investment Management

Bellmont partners with IFA’s to provide a comprehensive, cutting edge, low cost investment management solution, leaving advisers more time to focus on their key value proposition of strategy and client relationships.

Our Solution Incorporates

  • Professionally managed direct equity portfolios
  • Tailored asset allocation and manager selection
  • Assistance with compliance and governance requirements
  • Unrivalled efficiency with paperless applications and administration, automated paperless ROA’s or full MDA capabilities
  • Mobile-friendly client reporting portal
  • Regular white-labelled written and video client communication
  • Transparent HIN based holdings for all clients - including retail super

All for less than the price of a traditional platform!

Our comprehensive, modular IFA investment solution can be tailored to fit any business. Choose one module, or all three, whichever makes sense for your business. 


Module 1

Direct Australian Equity Portfolios

  • Systematic Value - Smart Beta approach providing tax effective, low cost core Australian equities exposure

  • Classic Value - Buffett style portfolio of high quality, founder led, small and mid cap businesses, perfect for HNW and sophisticated clients


Module 2

Asset Allocation & Manager Selection

  • Creation and management of broad investment models, including asset allocation and manager selection, tailored to your preferences for active vs passive, exchange traded vs unlisted etc

  • Assistance with portfolio governance and compliance, risk monitoring and investment committee representation

  • Regular white-labelled written and video communication


Module 3

Execution & Administration

  • Unrivalled efficiency with paperless applications and administration, automated paperless ROA’s or full MDA capabilities

  • Transparent HIN based holdings for all clients (including retail super), with bulk trade / rebalancing capabilities and institutional brokerage rates from only $10

  • Efficient access to unlisted managed funds, with same day settlement from client CMA accounts

  • Modern, mobile-friendly client administration and reporting portal covering both listed and unlisted assets

Comprehensive Reporting Suite

Bellmont provides a full suite of reporting to fulfil your firm’s every need. From videos, independently produced performance reports, market commentary, advisor collateral and compliance and governance, we’ve got you covered.

Introductory videosCommencementAdvisor Collateral
Quarterly Portfolio & Market UpdatesQuarterlyMarking Reports & Updates
MDA Quarterly ReportsQuarterlyPortfolio Reporting
Weekly reportsWeeklyMarking Reports & Updates
Market driven reportsOccasionalMarking Reports & Updates
Model ChangesOccasionalMarking Reports & Updates
BCOE Holdings & NotesCommencement and model changesAdvisor Collateral
Business / Fund in FocusQuarterly (mid qtr)Marking Reports & Updates
Calendar year in reviewAnnuallyMarking Reports & Updates
Financial year in review (BCOE)End of reporting seasonMarking Reports & Updates
Investment Committee MinutesAfter ICCompliance & Governance
Policy DocumentsCommencementCompliance & Governance