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DMA Trader iMac

Bellmont WebTrader

Bellmont WebTrader is our free, easy-to-use investment platform that provides you with direct access to Australian Equities (International Equities coming soon!)

This platform is suited to semi-active and long term investors.


$20 or 0.12% (excluding GST)

Platform Fees

$ Free


Customisable platform layout
Easy-to-use interface and order management
Free web-based trading platform
Click-refresh live data (not delayed)
Linked cash account for seamless settlement
Interactive charting tools and key indicators
Multi-market trading (ASX, CHI-X, NSX)
Web-based interface

DMA Trader iMac

Bellmont Pulse

Bellmont Pulse is our professional, feature-packed platform with live broker reporting and powerful order management.

This platform is suited to professional and wholesale traders wanting a reliable platform to execute their strategies.


$20 or 0.12% (excluding GST)

Platform Fees

$125/month (incl GST) – this is waived once you trade 15 times or more in a calendar month.


Advanced feature-packed platform engineered for active traders
Superior charting and analysis
65+ indicators and 10+ chart types
Sophisticated order management tools
Real time data streaming
Fully customisable interface
Contingency orders
Broker reporting


Additional Fees


Optional Extras:
Dow Jones News – $42/month
AAP News – $42/month
Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) for Excel – $ Free


Australian Shares

Shares, also known as equities or stocks, form a key part of both short and long term investment strategy. By investing in shares on the ASX you are buying part ownership of an ASX-listed company.

Benefits of holding shares may include capital growth, income via dividends and the ability to build an investment portfolio will small transaction costs.

With any investment, there are risks associated with trading shares. These risks can result in capital losses on your investment


Warrants are a way for an investor to lock in the price of an asset now to purchase at some point in the future. They can also be used to put a deposit on a parcel of shares and pay them off over time.

By purchasing warrants, investors have the potential to magnify their capital gains (and losses) depending on the performance of the underlying asset(s) and potentially increase their portfolio income with investing in a smaller amount

Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds (apart of the Exchange Traded Products family) are low cost, tradable investment funds that give investors exposure to securities or other assets such as commodities.

Most ETFs generally seek to track the performance of a specified index or benchmark (such as the S&P/ASX 200 index), currencies such as $USD or a commodities such as gold.

Single asset products that track the performance of a specific security, bond or debenture are also available.

Fixed Income Securities

Fixed income refers to any type of investment under which the borrower/issuer is obliged to make regular payments on a fixed schedule.

Bellmont Equities allows clients tap into debt markets by empowering clients to invest in Exchange-Traded-Bonds (XTBs). These tradable securities facilitate a new fixed income opportunity for all investors.

XTBs offer access to the performance and benefits of corporate bonds, which are normally not available for retail investors.

Exchange Traded Options

Options are contracts between two parties, giving the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying security at a predetermined price at a particular time in the future.

Trading options enable you to ‘lock in’ a future buy or sell price for an underlying security, allowing investors price certainty.

Used wisely, Exchange Traded Options have the power to protect, grown and even diversify your portfolio.

Listed Investment Companies

Listed investment companies (LICs) are listed managed funds where the investor owns shares in the company that holds the investment portfolio rather than units in a fund or the underlying assets.

Whereas ETPs typically track the performance of an index, LICs aim to beat the market through an actively managed portfolio. Investing in LICs may give you exposure to Australian and international shares, bonds, property and private equity.


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WebTrader and Pulse platforms have the ability to integrate a margin loan and short selling facility from our finance partner.

Margin Lending

Bellmont Securities have partnered with the highly awarded Leveraged to provide our clients with one of Australia’s most awarded margin loan facility. Our clients gain access to competitive margin rates and preferential interest rates.

Short Selling Facility

With a Leveraged margin loan, you are able to benefit from falling market and implement shorting strategies via its integrated Short Plus facility.

Find out more about a Leveraged margin loan here

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