Bespoke Portfolio Solutions

Simple, smart, cost effective investment solutions for IFA’s

Bellmont provides a comprehensive investment solution to IFA’s, ranging from collaborative consulting to a complete outsourced implemented portfolio solution. Our service offering is tailored to each firm’s specific requirements, freeing up advisers to spend more time with clients, and providing management with an effective, scaleable and compliant solution. With offices in Sydney and Perth, we are proudly independent, with our own AFSL and free of any conflicting institutional alignment.

Our ‘team of specialists’ approach provides best of breed solutions in each area, in a modular fashion that allows firms to pick and choose the elements that fit for their business, all overseen by a dedicated implementation and relationship manager.  And, our competitive fee structure, comprised of a low base fee with performance incentive ensures alignment of interests as well as a compelling fee proposition for clients.

Our service encompasses

Direct Australian Equity Portfolios – With specialist capabilities ranging from systematic, smart beta solutions to Buffett style value investing, no-one is better placed to offer high quality, transparent, competitively priced Australian equity portfolios.

Asset Allocation & Manager selection – whether your preference is for dynamic or strategic asset allocation, index funds or active management, our specialist asset consultant can tailor a solution to fit your needs.

Client Communication – Good investment outcomes are as much about psychology as strategy. Our client communication program, incorporating regular written and video content, both informs and educates clients, and lays the foundation for a productive and efficient adviser-client conversation.

Flexibility – Platform agnostic, branded or white-labelled, comprehensive or piece-meal – our service can be tailored to fit your specific business requirements.

Governance & Portfolio Compliance – assistance with governance and structure including charters and policies, risk statements, portfolio parameters and risk monitoring, all whilst working within any specific AFSL and business requirements / preferences


“It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price”

Warren Buffett

If investors were perfectly rational, markets would be perfectly efficient. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. Instead, research has shown that investors suffer from ‘behavioural biases’, leading them to make consistent and predictably imperfect investment decisions. The collective impact of these biases across millions of individual investors creates market anomalies, that are able to be exploited by intelligent and disciplined investors in the form of superior long term risk-adjusted returns.

Bellmont’s Systematic Value portfolio does exactly that. Using institutional grade data, the sophisticated and robust screening methodology examines multiple years of data for every stock in the investment universe. Filtering out companies that exhibit concerning financial characteristics, it then ranks the remaining universe on multi-faceted quality and value scores, before selecting those companies with the highest aggregate rank.

Equal Weight Portfolio Portfolios – providing far more effective diversification than traditional market-cap alternatives.

Rules based approach – enabling us to systematically exploit extensively researched market anomalies.

Low cost – with an extremely competitive fixed fee and performance upside, ensuring alignment of incentives.

Full transparency – clients retain beneficial ownership of shares, with full visibility of both holdings and transactions


“Put together a portfolio of companies whose aggregate earnings march upward over the years, and so also will the portfolio’s market value”

Warren Buffett

From Graham & Dodd to Buffett & Munger, the value investing approach has truly stood the test of time. While few would argue with the merits of buying businesses, not trading stocks, coupled with a focus on earnings and dividends rather than share prices, fewer still actually employ such a logical approach.

The Bellmont Premium Portfolio is a true value investing portfolio, taking long term positions in outstanding businesses, run by quality management with significant skin in the game, that are trading at a discount to our estimate of their intrinsic value. Index agnostic, stocks are selected purely on their merits, and our confidence in their prospects for long term, sustainable earnings growth.

Low turnover – with long expected holing periods for underlying investments

Unconstrained universe – with stocks selected on their merits rather than because of their inclusion in a benchmark index

Quality companies – with strong profitability, robust balance sheets and defendable competitive advantages

Founder-led companies – with proven track records, significant skin in the game and alignment of incentives

Full transparency – clients retain beneficial ownership of shares, with full visibility of both holdings and transactions, and regular updates on the business performance of holdings


“Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty and flux, and money is made by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected”

George Soros

With over $5b in assets under advice, Bellmont’s global markets specialist can help navigate the international equity, fixed income and alternatives markets. From refreshing or rebuilding strategic asset allocation models to incorporating relative value, momentum and macro signals into a more dynamic asset allocation model, we are able to tailor a solution to the preferences and styles of the firm.

Whether your preference is for low cost index tracking, smart beta, or active management, our in depth manager and ETF selection and monitoring process allows for the identification of best of breed products, while ongoing monitoring ensures that investments used remain optimal and true to label. And all this within a compliant portfolio framework, with assistance relating to charters and policies, governance, risk statements and monitoring.

Regular communication – with regular written commentary on global markets, economics and politics to ensure your clients are kept informed

Flexibility – to adjust the look and feel of the portfolio to suit your firm’s unique DNA

Insight – from having direct access to a multitude of top flight managers

Experience – of years operating in a diverse range of institutional and independent advice environments