Buy-Write Portfolio Update March 2014

posted on March 27th, 2014 by David


We may have mentioned to you recently that we’ve been undertaking some extensive research projects, looking at optimising the way we manage the Bellmont Buy-Write Portfolio. We’ve now completed these projects, and are excited to be able to start implementing the findings in the next few days.

Buy-Write Portfolio Update – March 2014

We’ve put together a brief webinar (20 minutes) that outlines the results of our research, and summarises the changes we’ll be making to the management of the portfolio. They aren’t revolutionary changes, but incremental improvements to how we manage each component of the portfolio, that collectively we expect will make a big difference.

The webinar should provide a good overview of the changes, but more details can also be found on our newly updated website. If you still have more questions, you are of course always welcome to call your adviser, who will be able to more fully explain any elements that remain unclear.
We’re really excited by these changes, and look forward to seeing the improved results flow through in the coming years.

New Trading Platform

Bellmont is delighted to announce a new online trading platform will be launching in July 2014 alongside our existing Prime platform.

    Trade Overseas Stocks & CFDs
    Trade ASX Stocks & CFDs
    Trade FX Currencies
    Low Cost Brokerage
    Mobile Trading Platform