CHESS vs. Issuer Sponsorship

posted on August 21st, 2013 by David

As a shareholder, you can choose to register the legal title to your shares on either the: * CHESS subregister or * Issuer Sponsored subregister

Shares held in CHESS

  • Legal title is electronically registered and is similar to a bank account.
  • My shares are sponsored or controlled by my broker.
  • I receive one Holder Identification Number (HIN) for all holdings sponsored by a single broker. For example, a shareholder with securities in 10 different companies will have one HIN if they are all sponsored in CHESS by one broker.
  • I only need to contact my sponsoring broker to change my name, address, notification of TFN, etc. For all the securities held by that broker.
  • My shares are already on CHESS so are ready to trade.
  • CHESS will issue monthly holding statements for each security where the holding balance has changed. These will look the same for all the securities held.

Shares Issuer Sponsored

  • Legal title is electronically registered and is similar to a bank account.
  • My shares are controlled by the particular share registry used by the listed company.
  • I may receive a Security Holder Reference Number (SRN) for each company’s securities. For example, a shareholder owning securities in 10 different companies may have 10 different SRNs if the shares are issuer sponsored.

  • To change personal details issuer sponsored holders may need to contact each share registry for each of the company’s securities they hold.
  • Before I can trade my broker will need to move my shares from my issuer sponsored account onto CHESS.
  • Each share registry will issue their own monthly issuer sponsored holding statements for each security held where the balance has changed.


Need Help Selling Your Shares?

Bellmont can assist you in selling shares you may own regardless of whether they are issuer sponsored or held in CHESS. Call us on 1300 368 295 for an obligation free discussion.

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