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IRESS View Point

This platform provides multi-product execution and access to level 2 exchange data as standard. The new fluid and intuitive interface design coupled with major upgrades to charting and analytic tools cements Viewpoint as the future of trading systems.


 $55/mth (excl. data) OR free when you reach $150 in brokerage for the month


  • Compatible for Windows or MAC
  • Advanced charting & tools
  • Real time, dynamic market data
  • Conditional orders and risk management tools
  • Global market information
  • Fully customisable interface with trading templates
  • Advanced order pad for seamless execution
  • News stories and company headlines

IRESS Mobile

This is our free, innovative and highly convenient trading solution that provides clients with access to live markets, through a smartphone app. The app allows you to keep an eye on the markets and create or amend any trade setups on-the-go. Available on iPhone & Android and powered by Iress.




  • iPhone and Android apps available
  • Realtime and easy to use order placement
  • Quotes and portfolio display
  • Watch-lists and phone alerts
  • Charting and market activity features
  • Orders and execution summary
  • News stories and company headlines

IRESS Investor

Bellmont DMA Investor is our easy to use, free platform with access to CFD’s over an array of markets and forex currency pairs. A customisable interface, along with a wide range of charting tools and portfolio summary options makes this platform an ideal choice for savvy trader or investor.




  • Ability to select live or delayed market data
  • Market depth, watch-lists & portfolio summary
  • Simple to use interface & order placement
  • Customisable platform layout
  • Interactive charting, tools & key indicators
  • Conditional orders & stop losses

Features At A Glance

Multi-Product - Take long and short positions from over 10,000 equities, index and commodity futures as well as fx

Global Reach - Trade all major markets and gain access to live pricing

Direct Market Access - Our CFD platform uses a Direct Market Access (DMA) model where quote prices are identical to what is observed in the underlying market

Contingent Orders - Place multi-leg orders with ease on our intuitive order pad

Competitive Margin Rates - CFDs enable you to take leverage and non-leveraged positions - suiting your own risk appetite

Open 24 Hours - Multi-market trading enables you to find an open market 24/6

Available  Markets On All Platforms

Equity CFDs

CFDs have become one of the most popular derivative trading instruments amongst retail clients. This is due to their simplicity, low cost and ability to profit from both rising and falling markets. Bellmont DMA provides transparent, Direct Market Access to local and international share markets.

Trading is offered over the ASX, with margin rates starting at 3% and shorting available for more than 300 stocks. Shorting is also accessible across the majority of stocks within the international markets.

Markets Available

 Australian Stock Exchange
 Australian Stock Exchange ETFs
 Hong Kong Stock Exchange
 Singapore Stock Exchange
 London Stock Exchange
 Xetra (German Stocks)
 Nasdaq (US Tech Stocks)
 New York Stock Exchange


Our Bellmont DMA account provides access to over 50 different currency pairs, at some of the tightest spreads available in the market. Utilising Electronic Communications Network (ECN) technology, Bellmont DMA provides transparent, conflict-of-interest free, access to the world’s most liquid market.

Trade both long and short highly liquid international currencies with our global market leading liquidity providers. Our tight FX spreads begin at 0.1 pips.

Markets Available

 Australian Dollar
 Swiss Franc
 British Pound
 Canadian Dollar
 Chinese Yuan
 Japanese Yen
 US Dollar
 Czech Koruna
 Danish Krone

 Norwegian Krone
 Polish Zloty
 Swedish Krone
 Turkish Lira
 Hong Kong Dollar
 Hungarian Forint
 Sinapore Dollar
 Mexican Peso
 S.Africa Rand


Stay active around the clock and trade the underlying futures markets. With Bellmont DMA CFD Futures you will get access and gain exposure to a wide variety of world exchanges. The almost 24 hour nature of futures trading means you can avoid the risk of overnight gapping allowing you to stay in control of your account.

The Bellmont DMA CFD model again provides traders with the distinct advantage of completely transparent pricing, accessible margins and low commissions.

Markets Available

 SPI 200
 E-mini S&P
 E-mini NASDAQ
 E-mini Dow
 Nikkei 225
 Euro Stoxx 50
 Light Sweet Crude

Technical Indicators

A huge repertoire of technical indicators to assist you with your trading strategies. Choose from moving averages, overlay charts, Bollinger bands, MACD, stochastic oscillators and many more.

Choose from 14 different drawing analysis tools from trend lines, cross hairs, ellipses and a large suite of Fibonacci pattern items.

Bellmont DMA Trader Pro utilises the latest version of software from IRESS Market Technology to bring to you a great trading experience.

Customise Your Platform

Customise and save your own unique charting layout including legends, colour schemes, gridlines and more.

Large selection of colours and charting styles to suit your trading. Charting types available are: Line, Bar, HLC, OHLC, Candle.

IRESS ViewPoint

Fees and Charges

Country Brokerage per SideMinimum Charge
Australia0.11%11 AUD
Singapore0.15%25 SGD
Hong Kong0.30%100 HKD
London0.10%10 GBP
Frankfurt0.10%10 EUR
NYSE$0.02/share15 USD
NASDAQ$0.02/share15 USD
ExchangeProducts OfferedBrokerage
EUREXDAX, SMI, DJ Euro Stoxx 5015 EUR
CMEE-Mini S&P500, E-Mini NASDAQ 10015 USD
CMENikkei 225 USD17.5 USD
CMENikkei 225 JPY1750 JPY
NYMCrude Oil15 USD

Note: There is no brokerage charge on spot FX markets (these are built into the spread).

Additional Fees

A financing cost or benefit is incurred for any CFD contracts held open each day. The finance rate is applied to the full notional value (or face value) of your position. If you hold a long ‘buy’ position you will be charged interest, if you hold a short ‘sell’ position you may receive interest from FP Markets.  Financing Interest is not charged on 100% (non-leveraged) accounts.

Interest On CFD Positions

Based on the notional or face value of open CFD contracts held open each day, interest is debited from and/or credited to your CFD account on a daily basis on the next trading day.  Interest is calculated by multiplying the number of CFDs by the closing price, multiplied by the applicable interest rate, divided by 365 days.

Long and Short CFD Interest

  • Long Positions: Relevent Base rate (e.g RBA Cash %) + 3.5%

  • Short Positions: Relevant base rate - 3.5%

No interest is paid or received on positions that are not held overnight.


Dividends and cfds

If you hold a long CFD contract open leading into the ex-dividend date, you will be credited with an amount equal to the gross unfranked dividend on the underlying shares typically on the ex-date. Please note that CFDs do not confer rights to any dividend imputation credits.  

If you hold a short CFD position leading into the ex-dividend date, your account will be debited an amount equal to the gross unfranked dividend amount on the underlying shares typically on the ex-date.

Open An Account Online

Simple, paperwork-free online application

Our application process is completely online, easy to follow and best of all, only takes 8-12 minutes of your time to complete!

The Bellmont DMA advantage is clear: transparent pricing and low commissions, superior trading platforms and excellent service.

Why wait? Apply for a live account now and empower yourself to achieve your trading goals today.

Safety of Funds

Over-the-counter CFDs, such as the CFDs provided by Bellmont DMA are not managed by an exchange or clearing house. It is therefore important that you consider your counterparty risk when selecting a CFD provider. You should consider the risks associated with CFD clearing services.

  • Trusted counterparty

Bellmont DMAs clearing partners are very well capitalised, have no debt, do not run proprietary positions and have sophisticated risk management systems that have been tested during extreme market conditions. Your funds are held in trust accounts within Australian banks.

  • Hedging

All CFD orders issued to our clients are immediately backed by corresponding hedge contracts in the underlying market. This model aligns our interests with our clients. It also significantly reduces your counterparty risk.

A detailed explanation – Safety of Client Funds

Secure Trust Account

There have been failures in the past which have been caused by fraudulent or illegal acts, companies lacking proper risk management and proprietary trading.

In resolving these issues clients face further frustration. Administrators and lawyers are all trying to figure out structures, which seem to get more complex. Meanwhile, investor funds remain in limbo or worse yet are used to pay the high fees of administrators and lawyers.

Types of CFD Provider

If your provider is not hedging all your positions you should be asking why? How do they benefit from not hedging? Are your interests being aligned? Do they want to get you the best price?

All CFD providers can be bundled into two easily recognisable groups that describe the framework used by each to create CFDs. The core differences between these models relate to the way in which prices are derived and how orders are hedged on the underlying market.

The DMA Model

We have experienced DMA clearing partners to fully hedge any traded CFD and who do not participate in any proprietary trading. All CFDs orders issued to our clients are immediately backed by corresponding hedge contracts in the underlying market. This model aligns our interests with our clients. It also significantly reduces counterparty risk.

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