DMA Platform Tutorials

Below you will find a series of short video tutorials for Bellmont DMA Trader, Bellmont DMA Trader Pro and Bellmont DMA Mobile trading platforms. They have been organised around the common tasks most traders perform. If you require further assistance or would like to have a one-on-one tutorial over the phone or in person please contact the team.
DMA Trader iMac

Bellmont DMA Investor

Bellmont DMA Investor is our easy to use, free platform with access to CFD’s over an array of markets and forex currency pairs. A customisable interface, along with a wide range of charting tools and portfolio summary options makes this platform an ideal choice for savvy trader.

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Bellmont DMA Trader Pro

Bellmont DMA Trader Pro is a dynamic trading platform delivering transparent, live action across global markets. Packed with exciting and innovative features, this is simply a superb platform with the perfect suite of tools and indicators for the active trader.

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DMA mobile options

Bellmont DMA Mobile

Bellmont DMA Mobile is a dynamic trading platform available for both iPhone and Android. Perfect for traders on the go, the platform delivers transparent, live action across global markets and offers exciting and innovative features.

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