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Bellmont is an Australian Equities Portfolio Manager and proudly approved Lifespan partner. Our Consolidated Equities Portfolio is included in the Wealthguard Portfolio Service issued and administered by HUB24 and is also available as a standalone portfolio on the platform making it simple to access for Lifespan advisers.

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Consolidated Equities Portfolio Overview

The Bellmont Consolidated Equities Portfolio is a low cost, transparent and diversified portfolio of approximately 25 high quality Australian companies. Drawn from the largest 300 companies on the Australian Securities Exchange, the portfolio exhibits diversification and quality metrics superior to the market as a whole, yet trades on an earnings multiple comparable to that of the benchmark. It provides transparent, intelligent, active exposure to the Australian share market, for a base fee of only 0.35%.

The strategy is comprised of two approximately equal weight, separate and complementary components:

Portfolio ‘Core’

Approximately 15 companies from the 100 largest companies on the ASX, selected through a rigorous multi-step systematic process designed to identify the highest quality value stocks on the market. This section of the portfolio is rebalanced annually to ensure the optimal mix of quality and value.

Portfolio ‘Satellite’

Approximately 8 to 12 high quality, founder-led companies selected from the 300 largest companies on the ASX. This section of the portfolio aims to identify and invest in outstanding businesses, run by quality (usually founder- led) management teams, where we can be virtually certain that earnings will be materially higher in five and ten years time. Intended holding periods of 5 years plus leads to low turnover in this side of the portfolio.

Video Overview

Introducing Adviser Connect

Adviser Connect is a password protected section of the Bellmont website dedicated to providing adviser collateral on the Bellmont Consolidated Equities portfolio.

  • A single place containing all of our communication regarding the BCOE portfolio.

  • Portfolio factsheet, Performance, Composition and Portfolio updates (including purchases and sales).

  • Beautifully laid out in a Netflix style interface.

  • Includes our Business in Focus Video Series - provides short overview videos explaining the ‘why’ behind ‘what’ we own.

  • Content can be shared on a non-branded page for client meetings or direct dissemination.

Request Access Below:

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