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Welcome. As a valued Supervision client you have been referred to this page to register your interest and details for a Bellmont Managed Portfolio.

Instructions & Checklist

The information in the form is to register your interest and details for a Bellmont Managed Portfolio. This information will assist us in helping pre-populating your account forms which will be posted to you. Please read the following checklist before starting a Managed Portfolio Application. The application should take between 3-10 minutes to complete depending on your account type.

If you do not have some of the required documents or information handy we suggest submitting as much as you can and we will contact you for any further information.

Once you have submitted the online application your assigned Bellmont Adviser will contact you to introduce himself and discuss your portfolio. The account forms will then be posted to you to sign and will need to be returned to Bellmont Securities. Once we have received the signed copies Supervision will supply us with a copy of your identification and your account with be processed and opened. You will be notified by your Bellmont adviser once your account is opened.

Important Information

The Bellmont Managed Portfolios are provided as personal advice under the Bellmont Securities AFSL 331625. When you sign up to the Bellmont Managed Portfolios you will have the choice to select your current financial adviser, if you do not have a current financial adviser you will be assigned a Bellmont Adviser who will assist you with any questions or queries relating to your portfolio. Supervision does not provide any advice in relation to the Bellmont Managed Portfolios and has only facilitated in providing information about the Bellmont Managed Portfolios via their online portal.

Further Information

For more information on the Bellmont Managed Portfolios please click here.

For a copy of the Bellmont Managed Portfolios PDS please click here.

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