Bellmont provides a seamless and pain free solution to sell shares without the need to open an account. Our streamlined and simple process allows individuals and professionals to sell shares in a range of circumstances.

Sell your shares in 4 simple steps

  1. Complete our online application or email us with your sale request
  2. We will email a very simple pre-completed form for you to sign
  3. Once we receive the signed form via email, we sell your shares on market
  4. We settle the sale proceeds to your nominated bank account

General Sale Service

Are you looking to clean up your portfolio? Thinking about getting rid of those Telstra, IAG or Medibank shares from an IPO?

Deceased estates

Are you an executor, administrator or solicitor looking to sell shares in an estate? You've come to the right place as we're specialists in dealing with complex matters. 


Need to sell your shares?

Selling shares held in your personal name can be a far more complicated process than it should be. If you are looking to liquidate a shareholding without the fuss of setting up a trading account, then Bellmont offers the perfect service for you. 

We complete all of the paperwork on your behalf and make the process quick, easy and pain-free.

We are able to facilitate the sale of multiple shareholdings simultaneously and can do so regardless of whether your shareholding is Issuer or CHESS Sponsored, either way we are able to guide you through the sale process - no matter the size of your shareholding. 



Sell your shares for $75 or 0.75% + GST 


Fast Processing

We complete all of the necessary paperwork - letting you focus on what you do best. 


Enlist a team of local professionals who will assist you every step of the way.


Sale proceeds are settled directly to your nominated bank account t+2


Share Sale Service for Deceased Estates

Selling shares held in deceased estates can be an overwhelming exercise - period. 

The thought of approaching share registries or old school stockbrokers set in their inefficient ways seems a hard and time consuming task. Bellmont provides executors and solicitors a seamless solution to finalise estate matters - whether its a simple share sale, transfer or a more complex matter such as reconstructing cost bases for tax purposes. 



Use Bellmont's share sale service to liquidate issuer or CHESS sponsored shares held in an Estate. 


Our dedicated team can assist with the reconstruction of the estates shareholding history to determine cost bases for tax purposes. 


We can help to transfer shares to beneficiaries, taking care of all of the paperwork so you can focus on what you do best. 


We will automatically check each holding to see if there are any unpaid dividends.

Benefits to solicitors, ADMINISTRATORS & Executors

A pain-free, efficient solution for finalising estate shareholdings 

Finalise share sales without establishing an account

Deal with experienced professionals rather than a call centre

Sale proceeds are securely transferred to your nominated trust account

Competitive rates - in some cases half the price of a traditional stockbroker

Any required paperwork is completed by Bellmont for your client’s convenience

Flexible submission process - we can accept online, email or mailed requests

Fee Schedule


ServiceFee Charge *Minimum Charge *
Share Sale0.75%$75 / shareholding
Share Transfer n/a$75 / shareholding **
Historical Search (e.g cost bases)n/a$75 / shareholding **
SRN Searchn/a$25 per shareholding

* Excludes GST
** Bulk discounts may be available

For complex matters, please contact us on 1300 368 295 or email at 

Proudly Assisting


Frequently Asked QUestions

General FAQs

+ How long does it take to sell shares?

Provided that we have received all required documents, we will aim to sell the shares within 1-2 working days.

+ What are the costs associated with selling shares?

When you sell shares brokerage is charged to facilitate the sale.

This involves a minimum charge or a percentage value of the gross sale proceeds. Bellmont's brokerage charge is $82.50 or 0.825% including GST which can be explained by the below examples:

*Example 1: The sale of 1,000 shares of Telstra (TLS) at $4.50 Gross sale proceeds: $4,500 Less Bellmont’s fee: $82.50 (as the total sale is less than $10,000) Net proceeds to be credited to your bank account: $4,417.50.

*Example 2: The sale of 1,000 shares of Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) at $85.00 Gross sale proceeds: $85,000 Less Bellmont’s fee: $701.25 ($85,000 x 0.825%) Net proceeds to be credited to your bank account: $84,298.75

+ What price will my shares be sold at?

The sale price will be determined by the market price of each particular stock at the time of sale. If you would like to set a price to sell your shares, please contact our dealing desk on 1300 368 295

+ When do i receive the sale proceeds

We settle the sale gross proceeds, less our brokerage fee directly to your nominated bank account within t+2 days.

+ What are issuer sponsored shares

Issuer sponsored shares are holdings that are not held through a broker, but rather directly with a particular share registry. Issuer sponsored shares can be identified on a holding or dividend statement, which will display a ten digit number starting with an 'I'.

+ What are CHESS or broker sponsored shares?

CHESS, or Broker sponsored shares are held with a stock broker (like commsec) rather than a share registry such as computershare or link market services. Broker or CHESS sponsored shares can be identified on holding or dividend statement, which will display a ten digit number starting with an 'X'.

+ Can I sell more than one company at a time?

Yes you can. Our sale form enables you to include as many shareholdings as you like.

+ What are the main share registries in Australia?

There are five main share registries in Australia:

  1. Computershare Investor Services W: T: 1300 850 505

  2. Link Market Services W: T: 1300 554 474

  3. Boardroom Limited W:

  4. Advanced Share Registry W:

  5. Automic Share Registry W:

+ How can i tell what share registry my shares belong to?

There are a few ways to determine where your shares are held:

  1. Check a dividend or holding statement, on the top right hand side you will see the name of the share registry - for example Computershare Investor Services
  2. Go to and search for your company. Under "Details" you will see what registry the company belongs to.

+ I live overseas, can you still assist?

Depending on your circumstance, we may be able to help you sell your shares, even if you are living overseas. Please call our desk on +61 2 8042 1990 or email our team at


Deceased Estate FAQs

+ What do I need to sell shares in a deceased estate?

In order to sell shares in an Estate, you will need to provide:

  • certified copy of probate OR certified copies of the will and death certificate
  • certified copies of the executor(s) ID to meet the standard 100 point check (drivers license + medicare card or passport)
  • shareholding information (including SRN(s) and the registered postal address)
  • a copy of the trust account bank statement

+ Do i need probate to sell shares in a deceased estate?

If the total value of the estates shares is regarded as ‘small’ (less than $25,000) then you are able to sell without Probate. We will just need a certified copy of the will and death certificate. From there, we will pre-fill a Small Estates Indemnity form for the executor(s) to sign.

+ How do i claim unpaid dividends in a deceased estate?

The process to claim unpaid dividends can be quite cumbersome when dealing directly with the share registries. In order to save you the time and effort, please contact our team on 1300 368 296 or

We can take care of all the paperwork so you can focus on more important things!

+ Do you charge extra brokerage for deceased estates?

Unlike other brokers, we do not charge any additional brokerage amounts for Estates. We do though, charge for additional services such as transferring shares to beneficiaries or completing cost base searches

+ do the shares need to be reflected as the estate before the sale is executed?

Yes, the holdings need to be in the name of "The Estate" before we can sell. Our dedicated service team can to assist with notifying the registries if needed - free of charge.


Company Specific FAQs

+ how do i sell my IAG shares?

Insurance Australia Group (IAG) is a multinational insurance company, headquartered in Sydney, that operates a portfolio of general insurance businesses. IAG was formed after the demutualisation of NRMA group in early 2000, which saw a return of shares to members of NRMA at the time. For this reason IAG has a very large number of shareholders, which means that we deal with these holdings regularly and are well equiped to make this a simple and straightforward process for you - just follow the usual sale process. If you have any trouble along the way, please do not hesitate to contact our dealing desk directly on 1300 368 295.

+ how do i sell my BHP shares?

BHP Billiton is a mining and resources company, operating in over 25 countries with in excess of 100,000 employees. BHP Billiton was formed in June 2001 as a result of a merger between Broken Hill Proprietary (BHP) and Billiton, becoming one of the major diversified resource companies in the world. Uniquely, BHP is dual listed, trading on both the Australian Securities Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.

Selling your BHP shares with Bellmont is quick and easy - just follow the usual sale process. If you have any trouble along the way, please do not hesitate to contact our dealing desk directly on 1300 368 295.

+ how do I sell my telstra shares?

Telstra Corporation (TLS) is Australia’s largest telecommunications company which builds and operates telecommunication networks and markets voice, mobile, internet access and other products and services.Originating back in 1975, Telstra was once and Australian Government owned company until it was privatised and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 1997.