Bellmont provides a seamless and pain-free solution to sell shares, without the need to open an account for individuals and professionals - such as lawyers and accountants.  Our streamlined and simple process allows you to sell shares in a range of complex circumstances. 


Sell Your Shares in 4 Simple Steps


Complete our online application or email us with your sale request


We will email a very simple pre-completed form for you to sign


Once we receive the signed form via email, we sell your shares on market


We transfer the sale proceeds to your nominated bank account


Brokerage is charged as a percentage of the transaction value with a minimum amount and includes all paperwork, administration as well as execution.

$75 or 0.75% plus GST per shareholding. 


Deceased Estates

Selling shares held in deceased estates can be an overwhelming exercise - period.

The thought of approaching share registries or old school stockbrokers set in their inefficient ways seems a hard and timely task.

We complete all the paperwork for you, find important information for tax purposes and can transfer the sale proceeds funds into a lawyers trust account. 

We also provide bespoke services to law firms and can provide a tailor-made solution to fit your practice group. Bellmont services over 20 law firms around Australia.

IPO Shares

Did you participate in an IPO in the past - CBA, TLS, MPL? Think it’s time to sell them? We’ve got you covered!

Employee Share Schemes

Have you accumulated shares from your employer and wish to sell them? We make this sale a simple process to liquidate your shares earned through bonuses, employee offers and more!

Inheritance & Divorce 

We can assist with shares held in trusts, companies, joint names, or changing the names in which the shares are held. We can also arrange for shareholdings to be split between beneficiaries or existing holders. 


Our Promise 

Hassle free - we take care of all the paperwork for you 

Best possible execution from our trading desk

Quick turnarounds

Speak to one of our dealers rather than an automated line

Competitive rates - in some cases half the price of a traditional stockbroker

Secure payment to your linked bank account

Need help with a complex matter? 

Send an email to our dedicated dealing team at or call on 1300 368 294

Proudly Servicing



What is the difference between issuer and broker sponsored shares?

Issuer sponsored shares are issued directly from the company and are maintained by a share registry. They are identified by a Securities Reference Number (SRN) that typically starts with an “I” e.g. I00076272.

Broker sponsored shares are issued to you via CHESS and sponsored by a stockbroker. They are identified by one single Holder Identification Number (HIN) that starts with an “X” e.g. X000987626.

Can I sell multiple shares?

Yes, providing that the shares are registered in the exact same name and address. Middle names and street abbreviations are the only exceptions. Just attach copies of the holding/dividend statement of the additional holdings you wish to sell to the form. To align the registration details of your holdings, you’ll need to contact each of the relevant share registry