Order Builder Cloud Edition – Support

Initial Instructions

A new Bellmont order builder application has been released. You can access this Bellmont Order Builder Cloud Edition by following the ‘Order Builder App’ link located under ‘ABC Trade management’ in the navigation pane on the left hand side of the screen.

The order builder application runs best using the Google Chrome web browser. If you do not currently use Google Chrome, we highly recommend that you download it from their website.

Creating an Order Using the “Bellmont Order Builder Cloud Edition”

  1. Select ‘Clear & Create New Order’
  2. Account Number & Order Expiry Section
    1. Enter your account number – This number is your Bellmont Order Builder Number and NOT your MAC number
    2. Select duration: ‘Single Day’ for day only transactions or ‘Up to & Including’ for orders valid until the close of trade on a specific date
  3. Entry Order Section
    1. Select market: CFDs or shares
    2. Select order: buy or sell
    3. Enter the stock code
    4. Enter the number of CFDs or shares in the volume field – Please ensure that the parcel trade value is over the $500 marketable minimum.
    5. For stop entries, enter your on stop (trigger) entry price and optional limit price in the appropriate fields. For limit orders, simply leave the ‘On Stop Entry’ field blank.
  4. Stop Loss Section
    1. Enter an optional stop loss price
    2. Select either ‘Standard’ or “Guaranteed Stop Loss – GSL’ (Additional charges apply for a GSL)
  5. Milestones & Final Target – Section
    1. This section is for those wishing to place a managed trade, where we will amend your stop loss if the market reaches certain levels
    2. Insert your first milestone level in the ‘If Touches’ box. If the market reaches this price we will amend your stop loss to the price you have specified in the field below (‘Amend Stop’)
    3. Insert the price you wish your stop loss to be moved to in the ‘Amend Stop’ field
    4. Repeat steps a) and b) as desired, for up to three milestone amendment points
    5. If you wish to place a final profit target (at which point we will close your position), place this price in the ‘Final Target’ field
  6. Additional Instructions – Section
    1. If the market opens outside limits please select what you would like to do, either: ‘Cancel Order’, ‘Work Order at Limit’ or ‘Please Call Me’ – where one of our brokers will be in contact with you.
  7. Repeat steps 1 –6 for any additional orders. (Each order will be created as a separate file.)
  8. Saving the file
    1. Select ‘Save to Downloads’ – The file will then be saved to your relevant download folder

Sending an Order to Bellmont

  1. Open a new email and address to [email protected]
  2. In the Subject field of the email, type “New order for – insert your a/c name here-“
  3. Attach the Bellmont file (or files for multiple orders) that contains your new order.
  4. Hit ‘Send’! (Please leave the body of the email blank, unless you have any special instructions.)

Please attempt to get all email orders in by 9.00 am EST, so that we have time to give your orders the attention they deserve on the open of the market. We cannot guarantee to have any orders placed by the open, if we receive them after 9.00 am.

You will receive an email confirmation for your order by 9.30 am EST. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please phone the dealing desk to ensure we have received your order. You CANNOT assume that we have received your order until you have an email confirmation.

Further Information

If you wish to amend an existing order, please phone the dealing desk. The Bellmont Order Builder Cloud Edition is used only for placing new orders.

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