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Welcome to the Osborne Yuille adviser support page. On this page you will find helpful video tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, and documents you may need to download. This page can be used as a refresher before speaking to clients about the strategy and structure of the Bellmont Buy-Write Portfolio.

If at anytime you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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What is the W-8BEN form? Many Australian ASX 200 companies derive income outside of Australia with many earning income in US Dollars. The W-8BEN form ensures that we as the manager and you as the investor are meeting all tax obligations for this income.

What forms need to be sent to and signed by the client? The following forms are required and need to be signed:

  1. All pages of the Bellmont Accounts Application need to be initialed and signed in relevant sections
  2. W-8BEN
  3. AML/CTF identification requirements

Where should I post the client account forms to? Firstly you need to upload the signed forms to the client application case as found under the instructions tab in the online portal and submit the account. Then post the original forms to:

Bellmont Securities
Level 2, 261 George St
Sydney NSW 2000

What does “Authorising Your Representative To Transact” mean? This allows you as the adviser to transact on your clients account as per their request. For example if a client wishes to transfer some cash from their account you can then submit this request on their behalf.

What does the “Preferred Tax Parcel Accounting Method” mean? As the investment manager we may choose to exit a position or part of a position within the Bellmont Buy-Write Portfolio. When we do this there will be the potential trigger of a CGT event. The preferred tax parcel accounting method allows the investor or adviser to select how to treat the sale of these guys for tax purposes. The industry standard is FIFO (First In First Out), that is the first parcel of shares bought becomes the first sold and the investor then has the tax consequences of that parcel. A unique benefit of the SMA structure is that each client can set their preferred tax parcel method to benefit their personal tax circumstances. The investor can choose FIFO, maximise capital gains or maximise capital loses.

Can the client transfer share holdings into the Bellmont Buy-Write Portfolio from multiple accounts? Yes. Under section 2 of the online application, entitled In-Specie Transfer, the adviser can add in as many holding from as many accounts as required.

Strategy Video

This a great video for a refresher on the portfolio strategy and will give you key points to highlight when speaking to a client about the portfolio.

Video Tutorials

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Account Application Form

Adviser Service Fee

Portfolio Structure
Transferring Existing Shares


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