Press Release – Bellmont’s smart beta SMA is now available on HUB24

posted on February 13th, 2015 by Peter

Bellmont Office

In a pioneering move, Bellmont Securities has been successful in creating Australia’s first ‘smart beta’ SMA (Separately Managed Account), now available on the HUB24 platform.

“The case for smart beta strategies is compelling. Investors get access to low cost, tax efficient market exposure, but without being over-exposed to the most expensive companies in the market, as they would be in a standard market-capitalisation weighted index. To now be able to combine these benefits with full transparency and beneficial ownership of the underlying securities via an SMA structure is fantastic,” said Peter Bell, Director, Bellmont Securities.

“We’re big believers in direct ownership structures for their tax and transparency benefits, and HUB24 have been real innovators in this space for some time now. Given our focus on after tax returns, we think the combination of our Bellmont Core Equities Portfolio and the HUB24 platform is an ideal fit.”

Sitting between traditional passive indexing strategies and active funds management, smart beta strategies utilise a systematic approach to provide diversified exposure to the share market, but with stock selection and weightings based on factors that are ‘smarter’ than traditional market capitalisation weighted indexes. This style of investing has experienced rapid adoption by investors, leading to a range of managed fund and ETF smart beta strategies coming to market. However the Bellmont Core Equities Portfolio is the first offering that combines a smart beta strategy with the transparency and tax-effectiveness of an SMA structure.

“We’re pleased to have the Bellmont Core Equities Portfolio on our platform to further differentiate our extensive range of portfolios. The addition of their smart beta style SMA with the added benefit of transparency and tax-effectiveness complements our existing offering extremely well. We anticipate this will be attractive to both investors and their advisers,” added Wes Gillett, Head of Marketing & Distribution, HUB24.


Notes for the Editors

About the Bellmont Core Equities Portfolio – The Bellmont Core Equities Portfolio is a diversified, blue-chip equities portfolio, giving investors direct exposure to the earnings growth, dividends and franking credits of around 30 of Australia’s biggest companies. The portfolio’s ’Smart Beta’ strategy ensures that it exhibits high correlation with the ASX200, yet with a distinct value bias ? systematically adopting overweight positions in companies that are trading at lower than average valuation multiples, and underweight positions in those that are trading at above average multiples.

About HUB24 – HUB24 is a financial services company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: HUB). The business is focussed on the delivery of the HUB24 platform, which supports the achievement of superior superannuation and investment outcomes for investors. HUB24 is a next‐generation service with state‐of‐the‐art portfolio management, transaction and reporting solutions for licensees, financial advisers, accountants, stockbrokers and institutions. HUB24 is not aligned to any major bank, manager or institution. HUB24 is an independent organisation with award winning technology and a growing number of respected and high profile financial services companies as its customers.


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Bellmont is delighted to announce a new online trading platform will be launching in July 2014 alongside our existing Prime platform.

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