Teaminvest is all about helping investors manage their own wealth well, rather than paying others to do it badly for them. While some members are content to operate completely independently, others prefer a middle ground - working with an adviser who shares their philosophy, yet still retaining ultimate control of their portfolio.

Bellmont co-founder and director Peter Bell has been a Teaminvest member for over seven years, and facilitator for more than four. A passionate value investor and enthusiastic proponent of the Teaminvest approach, Peter works with a number of Teaminvest members, helping them to manage their portfolio in accordance with the Teaminvest philosophy.

Portfolio Consulting Service

Bellmont offers a comprehensive portfolio consulting service to Teaminvest members, designed to help them manage their portfolio in accordance with the Teaminvest philosophy. Members benefit from one-on-one assistance in all aspects of the investment process, from initial portfolio reviews to ad-hoc advice regarding buy and sell decisions, portfolio construction guidance, ongoing monitoring of news and developments in regard to Wealth Winners, and regular touch-points to ensure that you stay on track.



  • Comprehensive review of your existing portfolio, to help formulate a plan of attack
  • Daily ‘Bellmont Flashnotes’ emails, summarising relevant news announcements from Wealth Winners as they occur, including our interpretation of what this means for us as investors, any changes to our view of the companies fair value, and possible actions that should be considered
  • On demand advice in relation to Wealth Winners, company announcements etc
  • Assistance with portfolio construction, determination of target prices for shares etc
  • Regular semi-annual portfolio reviews to ensure you stay on track
  • ‘Worth a look’ emails, highlighting potential bargains on the market that may be worthy of further investigation



  • Telephone, online or email execution of orders
  • Get personalised service from our expert dealers, with no call centres, call queues or automated phone systems
  • All shares held on HIN, with funds in a linked Macquarie Cash Management Account


  • Comprehensive online portfolio reporting portal providing end of day holdings, performance and transaction reporting
  • End of Financial Year tax reports including comprehensive income, franking, capital gains and cash account reports, saving you time and money


  • Brokerage - $20 or 0.12% + GST
  • Consulting Fee - 0.7% pa of ‘Agreed Portfolio Value’, subject to a minimum annual fee of $3,500 and a maximum fee of $14,000 + GST