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Teaminvest Member Services

Teaminvest is all about empowering individuals to control their own capital well, rather than paying others to control it badly for them. Whilst many members feel confident acting entirely independently and taking full control of their investments, others may prefer a middle ground – working with a professional adviser who shares their investment philosophy, yet still retaining ultimate control of their own portfolio.As experienced Teaminvest gold members and owners of a broking firm, we are uniquely placed to be able to assist members in this way. We follow the same companies as our member clients, and analyse businesses through the same Teaminvest ‘lens’. As a result, we have an in-depth knowledge of most of the Teaminvest ‘Wealth Winners’, and are able to assist our members with both information and advice in relation to them. We are also able to guide members through the tricky process of either constructing a portfolio from scratch, or gradually transitioning an existing portfolio to one that is more aligned with the Teaminvest approach.

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Portfolio Consulting Service

A comprehensive service offered to Teaminvest clients, to assist them to manage their portfolio in line with the value investing philosophy of Teaminvest.

What’s offered:

  1. Advice:
    • On demand advice in relation to Wealth Winners, company announcements etc
    • Advice and assistance in regards to overall portfolio construction
    • Semi-annual portfolio reviews
  2. Information:
    • Daily – ‘Wealth Winner News Digest’, providing a summary of relevant news and announcements from Wealth Winners
    • Weekly – ‘Teaminvest Wealth Winner Matrix’, providing a snapshot overview of Wealth Winners, including target prices, P/E quartiles etc
    • Occasional – Access to recordings of ‘Analyst briefings’ from Wealth Winners in relation to earnings announcements, acquisitions etc
  3. Execution: Telephone or online execution of orders
  4. Portfolio performance & taxation reporting: End of Financial Year (and on demand) reporting including performance, income, transaction and Capital Gains reports


  • Brokerage – $20 or 0.12% (plus GST)
  • Management Fee – 0.70% pa of ‘Agreed Portfolio Value’, subject to a minimum fee of $3,500 and maximum fee of $14,000 pa (plus GST)

Online Portfolio Reporting: